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My Services

There are many classes to choose from.  Most workshops last about two hours with up to ten students so there may be time for one on one instruction.  The following are the workshops that are offered.  Intro to Sewing, Make a Stuffed Animal, Fabric Postcards, Let's Make a Tote Bag, and Let's make gifts.  Please contact me to book a workshop or two.  These workshops are created for middle school age to adult.  

Custom Designs

Here, I admit, is my favorite service.  Commissions are fun.  Let's talk about what you would like sewn.  There are bags, totes, stuffed animals, baby quilts, let your imagination go a bit.  Contact me, let us make that dream come true.  

Repairs and Alterations

This is pretty much what it says.  I can repair, add patches, and do some alterations.  If you are thinking wedding dresses and  antique  quilts made by your great granny, please look elsewhere.  These are more casual repairs I can accomplish.  I have enlarged a quilt, added patches to work pant, taken in pants, enlarged shirts, and replace buttons.

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