Studio Without Walls


I am part of the art group Eug-Art404 which lead me to attend my first Studio Without Walls event.  What a fantastic experience.  My mind kept playing Louie Armstrong's, What a Wonderful World.  There were friends shaking hands saying how do you do.  I felt the love so strongly all around the whole square.  It had a charming European feel.  There were drawing stations for the public to participate.  Stephanie Jackson created a special experience with mosaics.  She invited the community to join her to mosaic a table that will live at The Reality Kitchen.  The community creating for the  community.  People had their phones put away and were completely engaged with each other.  In the background soared the soothing sounds of Cullen's violin, complete improve and always what the crowd wanted.  The music helped guide the creativity along. There were many other talented artist to learn from and connect with.    Thinking Tree  Spirits was there to supply their fine crafted cocktails.  I enjoyed their Dark and Stormy.  All in all I am looking forward to more such events and will completely indulge in doing my part.  This is one of the reasons art is important to a civilization globally and our own community locally.  Get out there and involve yourself in these events.  Make friends with your neighbors.  Go and make the world a better place, a wonderful world.

by Meisha Joy

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