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Written by Meisha Joy

I am a Fabric Hoarder, it is what I do.  Fabric Hoarder is also my artistic style.  I buy fabric because it speaks to me.  In some way, fabric invokes feelings.  It could be a floral that brings excitement with bold colors and large print or it is the novelty fabric that had me reminiscing about a day at the beach or a song I heard.   To me, is like a painter's palette of textures, colors and patterns, it brings me such joy to create with such a vast palette.  I want to share that with you. 

It really is the scraps I love.  With scraps I can make new fabric. All the fabrics I love or have been given to me come together.  I get to show off my stash and it changes over the years.  I can almost date my work by the fabric in a piece.  Fabric I get from other people may not be something I would get myself it creates the challenge of blending with what I do select on my own.  It is like life, there is your ideas and then others opinions.  Just like advice some gifts of fabric are easier to use than others.

I have been doing scrappy projects for years, maybe a decade.  I am a mostly self taught fabric creationist.  In the beginning there was the LIBRARY.  I was in section 745- 746 in the Dewey Decimal system.  I think I lived there for at least two years.  I would bring these books home by the bag load.  Some of these books I checked out over and over.  They are now in my own library at home.  Thank you Amazon.  If you are interested in what books were important enough to be checked out repeatedly click on the resource button.

Now I want to get to the point of why I have started a website and what I hope to accomplish with one.  Yes, I want to show off and sell my fabric creations.  More importantly, is the tutorials,  I want to teach.  I want to show others how they can be creative in their own, unique way.  It is my belief that if we are working on being creators and creating, we are not harming others and coming closer, if not in touch, with our true selves.  I want this site to be a place of sharing and community.  I will be posting video clips and photos of Eug-Art404, which is a group of artists in the River Road Santa Clara area who bring more art to this charming part of Eugene.  I want to invite the world to work on a large community quilt with me, inspired by the quilters of Gee's Bend.  I will share more of that later.  I want to share with you the people and artists that inspire me everyday.

Meisha Joy

Eugene, Oregon


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